Dec 24, 2010

TR suknja, deo 3 / TR skirt, part 3

Nisam uspela da fotografišem TR suknju napolju, tako da postavljam svoje standardne slike koje sam uslikala u kući. Mislim da je suknja odlično ispala, meni se veoma sviđa.
Srećni praznici svima koji ih slave ovih dana!

I didn't manage to take some outdoor photos, so here are my standard indoor pics of the TR skirt. I think the skirt turned out pretty good, and I like it a lot. 
Happy holidays to all of you who celebrate them these days!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for posting pictures of the finished skirt. It is so lovely and unique with the subtle contrast of the inserts and the skirt fabric. I love garments that are unique and different, and make me want to look twice. I have been watching the videos over and over. I can't decide what technique to try first.