Jul 9, 2015

Polkadots dress with a knot

While I was making this unusual dress for a friend, my thoughts towards it changed a lot. It is a pattern from Burdastyle 12/2012, #112. At first I loved the pattern, then I thought the knot detail was adding too much bulk to waist, and when I completed the dress I was thrilled with both the dress and my execution of it. That's when I realized I wanted to make one for myself.

My initial plan was to make a muslin first and fit the dress according to my measures and body shape. However, after I traced the pattern in my size, I realized I didn't feel like doing it all over again, so I decided to take a risk and cut down the process. So I copied the alterations I did for the friend's dress to my pattern. I chose a fabric from my stash - one that I wouldn't feel sorry for if I ruined it. It was navy stretch satin with pale pink polkadots.

I have a shorter torso torso than my friend and generally speaking, we have different body shapes, so I expected some issues with the pattern. When I tried on the dress I was surprised by how differently the same model looked on me and on the friend. On me, the skirt looked less voluminous and more straight. I was almost disappointed by the dress. However, I decided to make it work, so I arranged the dress'gathers differently, so that they suited my body better. The wrap that twists into a knot on the original dress was pulled through a buckle and sewed to the dress.

Unfortunately, I have only a few pics in low resolution to show you how the dress looks on me. I admit it, it's not as pretty as the one I made for the friend, but it's still very cute and very comfortable.

Stepalica: Polkadots dress with a knot

Stepalica: Polkadots dress with a knot

Stepalica: Polkadots dress with a knot

Here are some better pics of the dress on my mannequin.

Stepalica: Polkadots dress with a knot

Stepalica: Polkadots dress with a knot

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  1. Is this a Burdastyle dress?

    1. Yes, I forgot to add - Burdastyle 12/2012 # 112.

  2. Have had that in my plans to sew for a while.