Jan 27, 2011

"S" kaput, deo 6 / The "S" coat, part 6

Ovaj post će biti sa malo teksta, budući da slike ilustruju sve. 
Evo mog materijala, postave, keder trake i dugmadi. Sve u zelenim tonovima, od limete do maslinasto zelene. Prva ideja je bila da napravim kopčanje sa skrivenim dugmićima, ali promenila mišljenje kada sam videla ove dugmiće. Odlična kombinacija tonova!

This post will have more photos than text, since the photos illustrate my point.
Here's a picture of my fabric and notions: lining, buttons and the piping lace. It's all in shades of green, going from limete to olive. My initial idea was to make a button closure with hidden buttons, but I changed my mind the minute I saw these buttons. I think it's an excellent color combo!

Evo kako sam ojačala delove lepljivim platnom: 
  • Manžetne rukava su potpuno oblepljene
  • Donji prednji i zadnji delovi kaputa imaju ojačanje duž linije poruba, kao i ojačanje duž S-krive
  • Gornji prednji i zadnji delovi imaju takođe ojačanje duž S-krive; zadnji delovi su ojačani preko leđa i oko izreza rukava, a prednji delovi su ojačani oko rukava i duž ramena.
  • Gornji i donji deo kragne su celi ojačani
  • Prednji opšivak kaputa (i leva i desna strana) je takođe ceo ojačan.
U sledećem postu konačno prelazim na šivenje. Već sam dosta toga uradila, ali bi ovaj post bio prevelik da opišem sve što želim.

Here's how I interfaced the pattern pieces using a medium weight fusible interfacing:
  • The sleeve cuffs are completely fused
  • Bottom front and back pieces have interfacing along the hem line, and along the S-curve
  • Top front and back pieces also have interfacing along the S-curve; back pieces are interfaced over the upper back and around the armholes; the front pieces are interfaced along the armholes and along the shoulder lines
  • Top and bottom collar pieces are completely interfaced
  • Front facing (left and right sides) is also completely interfaced.
In the next post I'll finally write about the sewing. I have already done a lot of work, but this post would have been too long if I wrote about all the details I've done.


  1. This looks very promising AnaJan!
    I made a colour blocked skirt that had similar S curves, and found it helpful to place matching notches either side of the curve - it made it much easier to sew evenly. Can't wait to see your progress!

  2. First I read this post (love the color you chose for the coat - it would look fantastic on you!)and then browsed for the past post and was left gaping!
    The muslin you made prior to sewing the real fabric is fabulous!!! I like the design a lot and can't wait to see the coat!!