Mar 13, 2011

MMM '11: Dan 13 / Day 13

Dan trinaesti:
  • Košulja - kroj iz Burde 1/2008, #108, sa izmenama na rukavima i na prednjim panelima.
  • Jakna - već opisana četvrtog dana.

Day thirteen:
  • Shirt - BWOF 1/2008, #108 pattern, with alterations on bodice and sleeves.
  • Jacket - already shown on day 4.


  1. Lovely! And so great to see you smile! ;)

  2. Hehe, I had a photographer to smile to :). Normally, I take pictures using self timer, and I find it ridiculous to smile at camera!

  3. I take pics with the self timer too! I try to squeeze in a smile here and there coz otherwise my friends from Europe start to worry:)) And I get good feedback on smiling pics, now I know what they mean!:))