Jun 5, 2011

Me-Made-June 2011: Dan peti / Day five

Dan peti

Ovu suknju sam sašila kako bih imala šta da nosim uz ciepele :-).
Koristila sam kroj iz Burde 10/2005, #121, uz par manjih izmena. Materijal je saten, a tkanina je ukoso krojena, što suknji daje mek pad.

Day five

I made this skirt to match my shoes :-)
I used the BWOF 10/2005, #121 pattern, with few alterations. The fabric is satin, cut on bias, which gives the skirt a soft wave. 


  1. its lovely, and your shoes look fabulous!!

  2. I plan many an outfit around a pair of shoes first :). Love the skirt!
    I decided not to participate in MMJ because of too many things going on at the moment. But I am enjoying checking out what everyone else is posting. Maybe I'll be ready again for September.

  3. Davno je rečeno ,, Ko umije njemu dvije!,,

    Super suknjica ,ja jako volim zelenu boju ... trebali komentar za cipelice ...

  4. Prelepa suknja,lepe su sve kombinacije.

  5. Love the matching trim, it makes the skirt so much fun!

  6. Those are the perfect shoes to wear with this skirt. I like the back of the top. I think I will keep a sketch of that idea to use in the future.