Jan 10, 2014

A call for pattern testers!

Dear readers, I need your help finishing my new pattern. I'm in a process of finalizing a pattern that will be launched for sale soon. However, I'd like to test it to be sure all the pattern pieces were drafted well. Off course, the pattern has already been tested in several sizes, but you can't go wrong with testing it thoroughly, right?
If you're in a mood for sewing a new pattern, I would appreciate your help!

* za verziju teksta na srpskom, pogledajte ovde.

What do I have to do?

I need you to make a garment in your size. I would send you the pattern and sewing instructions (all in PDF format) via email. The pattern needs to be printed (on a A4 or Letter paper format) and taped together to get the pattern sheet. You would provide the fabric and print the pattern yourself. After sewing, you would fill in a short questionary about the pattern. Optionally, I would appreciate if you could send me pictures of your finished garment, so I could feature them on Stepalica.

How experienced in sewing do I have to be?

The pattern I'm making is appropriate for those with intermediate sewing skills, and for the advanced ones. The pattern comes with detailed and illustrated sewing instructions, which are in English. Along with the instructions, you can always call me for help.

How much time do I have for sewing?

You'll have two weeks (14 days) for sewing, from the moment I send you the pattern. Since the pattern isn't a very complicated one, I expect this would be enough time for a person who has an average sewing experience. 

What are the available pattern sizes?

I draft all the patterns in seven sizes, which correspond the sizes Burda Style magazine has. The pattern is given in sizes 32 - 44.

What is the garment type the pattern is for?

I will reveal the garment type and all the details about the model in a private email. At the moment, I wouldn't want to spoil an element of surprise. If you apply as a potential tester, I will send you the technical drawing of the pattern as well as some pics of the finished garment, along with fabric recommendations and amounts of fabric and notions required for it. This way, you'll have an option to see the model and decide if it's for you (regarding your style preferences and skill level).

How do I apply?

If you want to apply as a pattern tester, please send me an email at anajan.stepalica [at] gmail [dot] com, with Pattern testing in subject. Please write a couple of words about yourself, for how long you have been sewing, and how you rank your sewing skills (beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert).

I'm expecting your emails! If you have any further questions, that I omitted in the post, please write them down, I'd like to hear your thoughts and concerns. Thank you in advance!


  1. Although i have not yet finished my nougat dress, i would still like to test this new pattern. The strict timeline will actually motivate me to sew it.

  2. I'm very interested in it. I love your dress nougat and I'm sure that this patterns is very beautiful too. So I would like to try your new pattern.

  3. I too am interested and have just sent you an email.