Feb 10, 2014

Random tips: Buttonhole length for square buttons

I was thinking of adding a new section to the blog, where I would give random tips about sewing, sewing tools, space and work organization and similar topics. The tips would be illustrated with self - explanatory drawings or photos, but I'd add a brief comment to each of them. 


The first in a row is a tip for measuring a buttonhole length when a button has a square shape. When having a square button, measure the length of its diagonal instead its edge - this way the buttonhole will be long enough to pull the button through it without a problem. Otherwise, you might end up with a tight buttonhole you won't be able to pull the button through. Ask me how I know...


  1. I have a purchased white shirt that I hate. I usually love my white shirt. This one has square buttons. I have never owned anything so difficult to button and at this point I never unbutton it. It's that bad. I throw it in the wash buttoned and I iron it buttoned. Then I slip it over my head. I really have grown to detest it's square buttons. The buttons are put in like your top sample. Perhaps that's the issue. While I know I probably could change them all, I prefer to just never unbutton it and keep up with my charade.

    Thanks for this info.

    1. Few years ago I made a shirt and used square buttons, with buttonhole length measured to correspond to the button's edge. Big mistake!
      The buttons from the picture have such holes placement that it's clear how you should sew them on, but the ones I previously used had four thread holes arranged by two, parallel to the button's edge, which is counter intuitive.
      And I can totally relate with your "charade", as you call it - I keep refusing to change the buttons and struggle with the shirt every time I wear it. I still like the square buttons though...