Nov 3, 2014

Looking for a change

I've been rather quiet last few months. If I don't count several short posts I wrote back in May and June, I haven't blogged much and I've been feeling guilty about it. However, even though I wanted to keep writing, I haven't had the time to actively blog so I made an unplanned break from it. And I must admit I enjoyed it!

During February and March I promoted the Zlata skirt pattern, which exhausted me a lot, as I wrote two articles per day (one in English and the other in Serbian) with detailed sewing instructions. During the two months I was so busy I worked 8 hours a day on the blog, and then worked another shift at my day job. I kept the rhythm I barely could follow.

Along with promoting the pattern, my day job became more and more stressful, and there were days when I would barely handle the pressure. I couldn't get rest and I started striving for a change that would make my life easier and less stressful. I never thought the change (or should I say - few of them) would wait for me around the corner.

I will love it and squeeze it and call it George

The first change came unexpectedly during our short trip to Montenegro. D. and I went to the sea at the beginning of May, but the weather was rather cold and rainy. So, instead of swimming and sunbathing, we spent time sightseeing across the seashore. During one of the excursions we noticed a small furry ball at the highway that we almost run over. We stopped to take a look at it and realized it was a tiny little kitten few days old. It was completely helpless, all dirty and hungry, and it's mom couldn't be found anywhere. Who knows how this little thing ended up on the road and how many cars run by it?

It took us a second to decide to take the kitten with us and take care of it. We informed at the vet's on how to feed it, knowing there was a good chance the kitten would not survive without his mom's milk. However, this little mouse was a great fighter and we were very persistent, so the kitten grew fast. We called it Djole (Serbian equal to Geourge), as we were sure the kitten was male, but few months later we realized it was actually a female :).

Since she was so tiny when we found her, the first few months were busy with feeding her every two hours by day and night. We also had to keep her warm and tucked in all the time. Once she started wondering around the flat, we had a problem spotting her as she blended in with the yellow furniture and the khaki flooring.

Djole grew up into a true beauty. She's very playful and boy she likes to bite! She's six months old now, and she is a smart cat. I've never had a pet before, but now I can't imagine a day without my red-furred whirl. Djole is, like myself, thrilled by patterns, notions and fabrics, and we fight a lot over the sewing machine.

Belgrade - Stockholm

The second surprise came after we came home from Montenegro. At the time, my day job became very stressful. I frequently worked overtime hours, sometimes even during the weekends, trying to keep up with the work demands. I was additionally exhausted by the odd working hours, as I worked from 12AM - 8PM, which made organizing my free time almost impossible.

I did think of changing the job, but I never made a move in that direction. As it turned out, the job found me - I was offered to switch the company which had European working hours and better work conditions. I waited for the mid of August impatiently, as that was the time I officially started working there.

I went to a business trip to Stockholm, Sweden, shortly after I started working, and I stayed there 16 days. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures with me on them, but with such nice landscapes, who needs any other pics?

The new job came as a salvation and I hope it will provide enough time to get back to sewing and pattern drafting. I did  come back from Stockholm two months ago and haven't written anything yet, but it took some time to adapt to a new rhythm. Currently, the greatest challenge is taking photos, as D. and I keep working in opposite shifts, and he has been my photographer in the last two years. But I'll find some solution that will work, as I have a lot of new stuff to show you.

Along with the changes I mentioned, there are some other new things I will talk about soon. Also, I owe you and my friend to finish the knotted dress, so I hope I'll have some new photos to show you soon.


  1. What a cute kitten. We rescued a two year old from the pound. She is cute but all my furniture is scratched and I can't stop her… Glad to hear you have a better job now and hope you get to enjoy your sewing again.

  2. I cannever resist the lure of anorange pusstail!