Nov 17, 2014

When you copycat your own style

Stepalica: When you recreate your own style

These days I've been working on rebuilding my wardrobe. As someone who sews a lot, I find it quite unusual to stand in front of the closet thinking I have nothing to wear. But the reality is I am left without lots of the clothes I used to wear - lots of things got worn out, some pieces I don't find as attractive as I used to, and the outfits I used to wear are mismatched now. It doesn't help the fact that my body changed so the favorite shape and siluette don't fit as good as they used to.
So I made a major closet purge few weeks ago and tossed or gave away lots of my garments. I mean, if I can't wear them, and they are taking up a lot of space, what's the point in having all these clothes?

Once I made space for new stuff, I starded wondering what kind of clothes I would like to have. Well, my style hasn't changed much over the time. I've always loved classical clothes that fits, and that has a simple shape. I love the looks of uniforms, combined with unusual details and a striking pattern. That was the clothes I've been sewing for years and felt good in it. And I don't want to change that. I would like to have an interesting and comfortable wardrobe that doesn't make me look neither too matrony nor too youthful, and that is office appropriate.

I've always loved wearing dresses, as I think I look my est in them, better than in skirts, and definitely much better than in pants. However, I've never had many winter dresses - I used to make them with sleeves which always felt quite uncomfortable (they limit the hands' movement range, if they are 3/4 sleeves I am often cold, and if they are long sleeves, they are often too wide for my liking). And so I used to wear skirts at winter. But the skirts would make me look too matroney too frequently. I think even more so now, due to current body proportions and my age.

So I opted for dresses with short sleeves or no sleeves at all, which I would wear with turtlenecks or shirth beneath. I've been thinking of the details I would like to incorporate, and realiyed I have already utiliyed many of them. And some of the details are so bold, I am sure you would recognize them straight away, like thisthis or this one. Would repeating the same details make my clothes kind of boring? Perhaps it would, but besides you and me who would know I had the same or similar dresses before? So there you have it - you can expect to see some old - new garments soon over here.

Menwhile, here are several more models that caught my eye and that I would love to make. Some of them i definitely will!




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